Taxi AdMats


A new, innovative way to engage, inform and connect brands with customers and prospects anywhere in the UK 24/7, 365 days of the year.


• A premium grade textile mat which permits four colour image reproduction.

• It is specially die cut and fitted onto the rear floor of all approved Black Cab Hackney Carriages.

• It can be interactive with QR code technology and mobile phones.

• TAXI ADMATS™ have been designed for Black Cab Hackney Carriage installation.



• Complies with CAP & ASA Standards.

• Meets BS/AS Material Safety Data and Test Standards. (Ref. Test data sheets)

• High tensile strength to meet stability requirements.

• High Abrasion resistance to heavy duty wear standards.

• Has RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) consent.

• Colour fast to UV and washing.

• Retains Image integrity.

• Lay flat no curl/no trip.

• Non-slip surface.

• Washable.

• Additional sound deadening cabin comfort.

• Protects original equipment carpet.

• Fast fitment/Interchange.

• Additional owner/driver revenue.

• Recyclable polymer product.




• Melded Fabrics have developed a rewarding revenue opportunity for the Taxi and Private Hire owner/drivers with the launch of TAXI ADMATS™ in 2017.

• All licensed Black Cab Hackney Carriages owner/drivers have the opportunity to increase their current earning potential.

• Convenient, fast and simple installation. Multiple installation depots around Greater London or self-install.

• Owner/drivers receive percentage of ad revenue. Opportunity for ongoing revenue, 365 days of the year.

• Additional cost saving benefit of reduced wear and tear on fixed carpet in rear of Hackney Carriage which will be protected by TAXI ADMATS™ siting over the top of it.

• Safe, non-slip mat secured at fixed points covers complete rear area. TAXI ADMATS™ are fully launderable and long wearing for longer ad campaigns.

For more information regarding the UK TAXI ADMATS™ program please contact us.